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Today, there are many companies offering a wide range of Bluetooth and Wired Headphones to choose from. These headphones are specifically designed to give you a realistic auditory experience and even when you are running, walking or doing other activities.

The wired headphones are compatible with iPads, Mobile phones and PCs. The wired earphones with mic come with drivers that give you a fulfilling experience. Following are some of the compatible range of Bluetooth and Wired Headphones that guarantee a fun-filled auditory experience and durability.


Bluetooth/Wireless Headphones:

In-ear Wireless Bluetooth Headsets
These in-ear Wireless headsets come in a wide range of colors and models and are designed with 10mm speakers and a frequency range of 20-20kHz. They provide comfort, quality and style. These headsets are capable of efficiently managing voice calls. All you need to do is connect it with the Bluetooth of your phone and use it for emergent calls on the go.

They have an operating distance of 10 meters. These products come equipped with rechargeable 60maH battery and once you charge it for 1.5-2 hours, it gives a satisfying performance for 6 hours. Some of these headsets also come in stereo configuration. All these features are common in the following models of headsets –
ES-BH2002, ES-BH2003, ES-BH2004, ES-BE1004, ES-BE1005, ES-BE1008



• Bluetooth Wireless Earphones with microphone –
Bluetooth earphones with mic come in different models including XYH-B126, XYH-B130, XYH-B131, XYH-B132, XYH-B133, and XYH-B201 and can be connected with a wire which connects with any mobile phone, iPad or any other music device via Bluetooth. Some of them have a sleek metallic design that ensures longevity of the product.

Largely used by athletes, these hassle free and easy to use in-ear wireless earphones come with soft ear-buds that help prevent from ears from aching due to prolonged wearing. They are rechargeable, have a frequency range of 20-20000 Hz and a sensitivity of 98dB that provides least distortion in sound quality and offers precision.

Some of these stereo earphones super bass specification that highlights the lower frequencies and thus gives you a satisfying experience of the musical instruments used in your favourite songs. The volume controls help you manage the volume level without any difficulties. These tangle-free wireless earphones are easily portable and that is the best thing about these types of headphones. Use it while running, cycling, using a public transport or for regular use and enjoy the privileges of perfect sound quality and classic design.


• Bluetooth Wireless Ear-buds –

A wide variety of twin wireless stereo ear buds come in a charging box and are completely devoid of any wiring. Two independent ear buds come in a stereo configuration and are integrated into one product. These twin ear buds earphones are designed to give you a live music experience. They are rechargeable and come with a cable for charging purpose. Once charged for an hour, these ear-buds can continually work for 3-4 hours.

This ultra-lightweight wireless Bluetooth earphone is compatible with Apple, Microsoft, Samsung and 99% of all mobile phones with Bluetooth feature. Listening to songs and managing calls thus become easier and fun. They come in a variety of colors like gold, white, red, rose gold and black. These products contain wireless ear buds (both hard and soft rubber).

A great advantage of these earphones is that each pair can be simultaneously connected to two phones at the same time. They can easily operate at a distance of 10-12 MT from the phone. Providing an outstanding feature of noise cancellation, these are the most suitable Bluetooth earphones for iPhone.


Wired Headphones:
The wired headphones are of two types: the padded ear cup headphones and the in-ear wired earphones. Following are some model numbers of products that give you precise audio output across all spectrum.

• ES-H4001
It contains a 40 mm speaker and 3.5 mm plug-in which makes it compatible for all devices having the same jack specifications. Equipped with a feature of heat transfer, this headphone has a signal to noise ratio of 60db that makes it user friendly. The adjustable headband and comfortable padded headphones allow a satisfying music experience for you.

• ES-H4002
Having a foldable compact design, this rubberized finish headphone is much suitable for music in a studio. With an impedance level of 2.2 kilo ohm, this headphone is effective for noise cancellation and its universal 3.5mm plug in makes it compatible with any device with similar jack specification. A frequency range of 30 Hz -16000 Hz delivers rich mid-levels in any audio track. Listening to music becomes a comfortable experience with the sift ear-cups and adjustable headband.

• ES-H4003
It is a colorful wired earphone with a large frequency range of 20 Hz – 20,000 Hz that delivers a deep bass, rich mid frequency and soaring highs. This stereo earphone has a polished metallic finish and is one of the best wired headphones. It gives an overwhelming experience to the listener with least noise interference in the signal. The golden finished jack keeps it safe and gives a fine look.

• ES-H4005
This earphone comes with a long wire length of 120 cm unlike those headphones that come equipped with a restricted length of wire. With a sensitivity range of 98 dB +/- 3dB the distortions in the music are observed to be the least. This earphone has control functions that include volume control, play and pause button, button to hang up or receive the call, etc. This earphone comes with a set of S and L sized earmuffs and a warranty card as well. The in-ear stereo wired earphone with mic is highly compatible and best for regular usage.

Choose from a wide range of headphones which are compatible for mobile phones such as Apple, Windows, Samsung, etc. and enjoy a high quality sound with precise noise cancellation feature. With the best technology and hardware design, these products deliver an enriching and fulfilling experience of listening to music.

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